PerolofGården has two


Winter warmth

Restaurant Brasan

When the days get shorter and  the tempetatures drop we open  suitingly the dining area  in the main building where  the restaurant is set around a traditional open fireplace. This is also where you get a great start to the day with a good breakfast.
Summer joy

Labyrinth café

When the days get longer and temperatures are going up , we serve our menu at the other building close to the maze.  On the finest hours you can enjoy dining on the terrace with a full view on stunning the Kyrksjön  lake.

Restaurant Brasan

Labyrinth Café with terrace

Summer menu

Every day we serve a set menu to our guests. Fresh ingredients from our local suppliers , inspire us to prepare you a delicious dinner .

April - Maj - June - July

These months we focus on fresh locally grown tomatoes and vegetables from Källsprång Gård.

Karintorps Tomat Cappuccino

Mustard marinated Porc Filet 

Frozen White choclad-cream on choclad-cake