Lerbäcks Labyrinth
Outdoor dining at PerolofGården

Get lost in the Lerbäck labyrinth at PerOlofGården or stay calm and get your bearing straight.

A maze is a puzzle with twists and turns. Try to find a path from the entrance to the exit without hitting dead ends.

The goal of a maze is to get through it, which means going the wrong way, retracing your steps, and choosing different paths. Originally, maze meant “delusion or bewilderment,” which captures what it’s like to be inside one.

Lerbäck’s Labyrinth is located at Hotel & Restaurang PerOlofGården in Askersund.

At the lovely outdoor dining area you can enjoy silence, beautiful surroundings and get a fantastic overview of the beautiful Kyrksjön. Coffee, homemade cake and cookies, ice cream and sandwiches are served here.

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